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Best Lacrosse Goggles For Girls: Top Picks For Eye Protection On The Field

When you’re just dipping your toes into the world of Girls Lacrosse, the cost of equipment can be overwhelming. However, keeping your daughter protected on the field is a non-negotiable.

We’ve rounded up the very best lacrosse goggles for girls, so you can gear up your girl without breaking the bank. Read on for tips on what ages lacrosse goggles are best for – and when you might want to consider a helmet instead.


Choosing The Best Lacrosse Goggles For Your Player

Any parent’s priority when their daughter starts out in Lacrosse, is making sure they have the protective gear they need to be safe on the field. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best gear (and tips to help you make sure you can select a quality pair of goggles that won’t cost a fortune!

I’m also sharing my observations as a parent, to help you better understand the age range when goggles are most common, when to consider a lacrosse helmet, and what brands and sizing are likely to work for your daughter’s age group. I hope it’s helpful!

Best Girls Lacrosse Goggles – For The Under 10 Age Group

For the 10U and under age groups, you can definitely get a quality pair of lacrosse goggles (like those above) without spending a lot of money. You can purchase one quality pair of LAX goggles, and it should last your daughter for several seasons.

It’s a bit unusual to see helmets in this age group, I think mostly because the girls are not as strong/aggressive yet, and parents are less inclined to spend the dollars required for a quality lacrosse helmet vs. a pair of goggles. Until you know that your daughter will be playing lacrosse for the long haul, goggles will suffice!

STX Lacrosse Rookie Youth Goggle

STX is the gold standard when it comes to a quality pair of LAX goggles. This pair is specifically designed for youth, so the face fit is most likely to be a comfortable one for younger players.

These are available in several color options, and they come with adjustable head straps, to ensure a fit that will stay put and keep your girl protected on the field.

Best Girls Lacrosse Goggles – For Girls Age 10+

When girls continue playing lacrosse beyond age 10, it’s time to consider a different pair of goggles. The curvature of a youth goggle is likely too narrow for their faces at this age, so the following googles (technically designed for adults, but available in size ‘small’) are good options to ensure the best fit for kids in this age range.

Worth noting is that when girls get to the 10U and 12U age, there can be a big disparity in size between girls. This is also when leagues tend to begin to allow modified checking, so the game becomes more aggressive. It has been my observation as a Lacrosse Mom, that this is the age when I see the most players wearing helmets on the field.

Choosing a helmet may also make sense at this age since girls are still learning what types of checking are allowed, and what’s going too far. A girls lacrosse helmet will have built-in eye protection, so you don’t need both a helmet and goggles.

A sturdy pair of lacrosse goggles still works great at this age group, but sizing up to a small adult model is advisable if you don’t opt for a helmet. Our top helmet choices are the topic of another article.

STX Lacrosse 4Sight Goggle

For girls in the 10-12 Age Range, an adult size small pair of goggles is most likely the ideal range. STX 4Sight is the most common model I see on the field.

Like the youth model above, these also have an adjustable head strap, so they are sure to provide a snug fit that will stay put on the field. My daughter has been playing in this model for 2+ seasons, and they are still practically like new.

Best Lacrosse Goggles For Girls LAX Players Age 14+

Interestingly, when girls reach high school age, I’ve noticed that most go back to traditional goggles vs. helmets. Perhaps this is because girls at this level understand the rules of the game, and are less likely to make egregious checking fouls.

If you’re seeking a pair of quality lacrosse goggles for a late middle school or early high school aged player, I recommend going with a slightly upgraded, adult version of the STX styles recommended above.

STX Lacrosse 4Sight+ Goggle

For girls in the 14+ Age Range, an upgraded STX model of goggles like these is appropriate.

The game is a bit harder on gear at this age, and so it is worth spending a bit more on a slightly upgraded version of the STX models for younger players.

This pair is available in a wide range of colors, so you can align your choice to your athlete’s team (or preference)!

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