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Girls Lacrosse Terms + Rules For Beginners

If you’re new to girls lacrosse, there are a lot of lacrosse terms being thrown around on the field that may not be familiar to you. Read on for a list of LAX terms that will help you better understand the game.

You’ll be “speaking the language of lacrosse” in no time, and we hope you’ll stick around to check out our top gear recommendations as well as our tips for lacrosse training at home!

Common Lacrosse Terms For Beginners

Girls Lacrosse Terms: Positions + Abbreviations


A defensive player, whose main objective is to focus on preventing an opponent from shooting on goal. These players remain on the defensive side of the field.


The goalie is a critical member of the team, positioned at the goal and responsible for blocking the opponents’ shots on goal. Girls goalies are the only players who wear pads and youth teams often do not designate a goalie until girls reach the U10 age group.

Middie (Midfielder)

A lacrosse middie is a position that covers both offensive and defensive roles on the field. Middies are typically fast runners and have a good amount of stamina for running the field end-to-end.


An attack player remains on the offensive side of the field and their primary goal is scoring. They work hard to get into a position that leaves them open for passes from teammates, so they can ultimately take a shot on goal.

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