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Best Lacrosse Training Equipment

If you’re hoping to find the best equipment to help you train for lacrosse at home, you’re in the right place! Investing in the right training tools can make the difference between training effectively and developing bad habits. Read on for trusted training equipment and tips to help ensure you’re practicing the right way at home.

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Practicing Lacrosse – Best Equipment For Training At Home

A Quality Lacrosse Rebounder – Our #1 Recommendation For At Home Lacrosse Training Equipment

There’s no better way to get in a LOT of reps, than with a Lacrosse rebounder. This particular model is one I recommend with confidence. It’s sturdy, the net is made of high quality nylon, and the rebound is consistent and strong. If you spend time consistently working with a rebounder, we’re confident that your ball handling and shot accuracy will noticeably improve!

The best way to practice your ball handling at home is to pass back and forth with a partner.

But let’s face it, there’s not always someone available to practice with you, 24/7. This is why investing in a lacrosse rebounder is in ideal way to improve your skills quickly and effectively!

This particular lacrosse rebounder is well worth the investment. If cared for, it will last you for years, and we own this one by Victorem ourselves. Measuring 6 ft x 4 ft, and it has 5 different angle settings to adjust the rebound angle. It also includes a moveable target for practicing different types of shots.

Swax Lax Practice Balls – A Must-Have For LAX At Home

Swax Lax balls are the size and weight of a regulation ball, but without the bounce. That means they’ll stay put when they land on the driveway or lawn. With these, you’ll spend way more time getting reps with the rebounder, and less of your precious practice time chasing runaway balls.

Nobody has the kind of space to practice at home that you do at the field. So one of the most frustrating aspects of at home lacrosse training can be how much time you spend chasing runaway balls. The balls bounce off the driveway, run into the street… and if you live on a hill, forget about it!

Swax Lax training balls can change all that, and make your at home training sessions a LOT less frustrating (and a lot more effective)!

The quickest way to tire of practicing LAX at home is to spend half your time chasing runaway balls. Swax Lax balls are the answer to more effective at home training sessions!

These balls are regulation size and weight (so you won’t have to adjust when switching back to a ‘normal’ lacrosse ball). But unlike a traditional LAX ball, Swax Lax balls stay put when they land! You’ll spend less time chasing balls and worry less about your kids chasing balls into the street.

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