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Best Lacrosse Rebounder: 3 Models That Are Actually Worth The Money

When it comes to investing in training equipment for a Lacrosse player, there is no more essential item than a rebounder. If you’re ready to invest in one, you should consider them carefully, because they are NOT all equal.

Read on for the quick and dirty details on the best lacrosse rebounders for your player; ranked based on the primary use and skillset your player is seeking to improve.

A quality LAX rebounder is not an inexpensive purchase. But if you select the right one, it can be a pivotal piece of training equipment as a player is establishing skills. That makes it well worth the investment in my book. I’ll share which one we’ve ended up using most for our player, and the others that are worth considering (depending on your goals). See what I did there?

Top 3 Lacrosse Rebounder Options That Are Actually Worth The Money – Read More About Them (And The Pros / Cons To Consider Before Purchasing) Below:

Top 3 – Best Lacrosse Rebounders

1. Lacrosse Rebounder – Best Quality + Budget Friendly Lacrosse Rebounder For Throwing, Catching + Ball Handling Practice

Our #1 Pick For A Quality, Budget Friendly All Around LAX Rebounder. This Model Is Ideal For Throwing, Catching + Ball Handling Practice. It Stores Easily, Too!

This is a great entry-level rebounder that’s sturdy with quality construction. It’s the one my daughter uses at home, and we love it. At 4’x6′, it’s large enough to serve her needs for throwing, catching and general ball handling practice, and will also adjust to the desired angle as needed. It’s easy to move around and store, but feels sturdy (we’ve never even used the stakes it comes with, and have never had an issue). 45-ply mesh net is high quality, and the bungees are heavy duty.

With a 1.25″metal frame, this rebounder is best for those who will store it away from the worst weather and want an easy to move, but sturdy rebounder. With reasonable care, this will save you money, and keep your LAX player improving!

Pros: Cost – great price! Sturdy, quality construction yet easy to move. Folds for easy storage. Net quality and bungee strength are great.

Cons: The frame is not powder coated, and the bungees are exposed. If you plan to leave your rebounder outdoors, exposed to the elements, the model above is worth the splurge.

Final Thoughts – Why We Love It:

This is a slightly narrower model, but the other features more than make up for the slightly smaller size.

If you’re planning to leave yours outdoors and exposed to the elements, it might be worth splurging on the upgraded model above. But if you’ll be stowing yours away from inclement weather (and don’t mind the extra effort to protect it), this one does everything you’ll likely need, at a great price.

This is an ideal, affordable (yet quality) option to meet the needs of younger or newer lacrosse players who just need to get reps in at home to help improve their skills.

2. ACELETIQS Lacrosse Rebounder – Best LAX Rebounder For Coaches (High Quality + Ease Of Transport/Storage)

Top Pick For An All-Around Rebounder, Ideal For Throwing, Catching + Goal Shooting Practice. This Model Also Folds Up For Easy Transport… Carry Bag Included!

This rebounder is a great combination of size and quality, with a bonus of easy storage/transport! At 5’x7′, it’s larger than most other rebounders, but it folds up so it’s not difficult to store or fit in the car (if transporting it is important for your needs). It also comes with its own carry bag. This is a great rebounder for everything from goal shooting practice to throwing and catching. It features an adjustable frame angle, so you can change it on the fly, depending on the type of drills you’re doing. High quality bungees support a quality net, making this an excellent rebounder option for LAX players and coaches!

With a 1.25″, powder coated frame, and a mesh wrap that protects the bungees, this rebounder will hold up over the long term and is ready for all weather.

Pros: Truly the best option for a large rebounder that’s easy to transport! Industrial strength components, folds for easy storage, and includes a carry bag for transport. Powder coating and mesh bungee protector will keep your investment preforming well over time.

Cons: Cost, though the features support the higher price tag.

Final Thoughts – Why We Love It:

Some of the other larger rebounder options are extremely difficult to transport (or require breaking down and re-assembly in order to fit in a car). This model has the perfect combination of high quality components, ideal net size, and ease of transport.

If you just need a quality LAX rebounder for home use, you’re probably okay with the budget option above… but for coaches and players who value ease of transport, this model wins, hands down!

3. EZGoal Pro Lacrosse Folding Throwback Rebounder – Best For All Around Skills / Shooting Focused Training

Top Pick For An All-Around Rebounder, Ideal For Throwing, Catching + Goal Shooting Practice

This rebounder does it all! At 6’x6′, it’s large enough to serve as a practice goal for shooting, and will also adjust to the desired angle for throwing, catching and general ball skills practice. High quality net construction with adjustable net tension makes this an excellent option for your aspiring LAX player!

With a 1.5″, powder coated steel frame, this rebounder will stand the test of time, and actually has increased quality aspects that make it worth the splurge when compared with other options at a similar price point.

Pros: Heavy duty construction, folds for easy storage, adjustable net tension and rebound angle, large overall area will accommodate all types of training. UV treated net and powder coated frame to withstand weather.

Cons: A bit expensive, larger 6’x6′ frame size requires more storage space, may not easily fit in some cars / trunks if transport is a consideration. Yes, it folds flat, but it’s still 6×6′.

Final Thoughts – Why We Love It:

Some of the other larger rebounder options you might compare with this one are higher in height, which can lead to bad habits. Think about it: you don’t want your player practicing shots on a rebounder with a focal area that’s higher than ideal for goal shooting practice.

This one has all the quality features you’d hope for in a quality rebounder, with an ideal target area that’s large enough for practicing all LAX skills (even with multiple players). This rebounder is a great option for coaches, too (so long as it will fit in the car). While it folds flat, it does require a 6×6 foot area unless you plan to disassemble and reassemble.

Top 3 Considerations When Choosing A Lacrosse Rebounder:

Frame Type (and Quality)

The sturdiest frames are usually 1.5″ steel, but there are some great options with a 1.25″ frame as well. So long as you weigh the features and quality of components against the price, and choose according to the features that are most important to you… you can’t go wrong with any of the options above.

Thickness / Durability of Net Material

The nets will vary quite a bit in rebounders, so ideally you’ll want to find UV treated netting, and/or a 45-ply or better netting. The bungees make a difference too, because they are what ensure that the rebound lasts over time. Look for high quality bungees, that have adjustable tension and/or are protected from the elements to ward off sun and other weather related damage.

Overall Size

You’ll want to consider the primary skills your athlete will be focused on to ensure that the net size will meet your needs. Generally speaking, a 4×7″ net is sufficient, unless you’re looking for one that is closer in size to a goal, for shooting specific training drills.

Ease Of Storage / Transport

Pay specific attention to dimensions, and photos of the options you’re considering to be sure you have an accurate idea of the smallest dimensions needed for storage and transport. A large net is great, until you realize it doesn’t fold down small enough to fit in the car. Trust me, you don’t want to be breaking your frame down and reassembling it every time you want to use it.

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